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Hemp Education
What are cannabinoids?
Cannabinoids are a group of diverse chemical compounds found primarily in the cannabis plant family as well as in our bodies. Cannabinoids act on receptors in our brain and play a vital role within our immune and central nervous system. The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is a complex arrangement of cannabinoid receptors in the brain that regulates various functions of the body and are responsive to the cannabinoids from hemp plants. Some of the body systems regulated by the ECS include pain, mood, and sleep. Plant based cannabinoids are called phytocannabinoids and body derived cannabinoids are called endocannabinoids.
Will your products make me high?
Our hemp extract is non-psychoactive and does not cause a “high.” Our products are derived from high quality, state-certified industrial hemp, and not marijuana.
Does hemp extract contain THC?
Unlike marijuana, which is THC dominant, hemp extract is cannabidiol (CBD) dominant and contains only trace amounts of THC. Depending on what type of product you consume, it may have zero percent THC, or up to 0.3%, the legal limit of THC by dry weight. Our products are always in compliance with the sourcing laws in place by the 2014 Hemp Farming Act and the 2018 Farm Bill.
Will your products show up on a drug test?
Many of our products contain 0% THC and are highly unlikely to show up positive on a drug test. However, we cannot make guarantees with regard to drug test outcomes. Products with <0.3% THC are legal but do contain trace amounts of THC. Like consuming too many poppy seeds, a false positive is possible. We recommend taking caution by consulting a healthcare professional and ceasing use of any hemp extract product prior to testing.
What makes hemp plants different from marijuana plants?
Both hemp and marijuana are from the cannabis plant family, but hemp is considered a different varietal that is CBD dominant and contains very little THC (under 0.3%) – nearly 100 times less than some marijuana strains. This means that hemp does not have the same psychoactive effects that produce the “high” one experiences from marijuana. Hemp is federally legal to cultivate according to the 2014 and 2018 US Farm Bill. There are also differences in cultivation practices much in the same way black tea and white tea differ in taste and caffeine content but are derived from the same plant species, Camellia Sinensis.
How does hemp extract work?
Hemp extracts rich in phytocannabionoids and terpenes stimulate the body’s very own endocannabinoid system, or ECS. The ECS is a major regulatory system in human and animal bodies that consists of both cannabinoids and cannabinoid receptors. When cannabinoids, like CBD are consumed, they react with this vital system through a series of chemical messages that communicate with and control processes like appetite, sleep patterns, pain sensation, mood, memory and many more. The ECS, which is comprised of two types of receptors CB1 and CB2, activates the body’s ability to self-regulate. A common school of thought for therapeutic success of hemp extracts is that that it assists your body’s natural ability to heal itself by bringing it back to homeostasis through its interaction with the ECS.
Product Quality, Dosing & Care
What is WellBeings hemp extract?
Unlike hempseed extracts seen in grocery stores, WellBeings hemp extracts utilize the flowering bodies of high-quality whole-plant hemp. Not just the seeds. Through unique and careful extraction methods, WellBeings retains crucial plant components that are considered to have the most therapeutic benefit. Through a combination of pressure, heat, and time, we further activate these beneficial compounds, which is called “decarboxylation.” At that point, the hemp extract is in a thick oily paste. In most cases, we go on to thoroughly blend with the highest quality MCT (medium-chain triglycerides) oil from coconuts alongside other therapeutic botanicals like chamomile and L-theanine from green tea. Our nano mist products undergo an even more rigorous process that takes the oily hemp extract and turns it into a water-compatible solution that is paired with complementary botanical adaptogens.
What makes your products unique?
The WellBeings team spent a year researching the highest quality hemp, extraction methods, and synergists. We vetted dozens of sourcing partners prior to developing our product line and stand by each product for its quality and consistency. We pride ourselves in formulations and form factors designed to deliver the best results targeted for a variety of needs. In addition, we are adamant about quality and safety working only with hemp plants that are ethically farmed with organic practices, Non-GMO, and processed in facilities that comply with current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). If you have any concerns or questions about our products, please contact us.
Are your products tested?
Yes, all of our products are tested multiple times by 3rd parties for potency, purity, and safety. Lab reports are available by contacting us at
What is the proper way to store WellBeings products?
Store your products in a cool, dry place.
Does your products have any drug interactions?
If you take any medication, please consult a healthcare professional before taking hemp products. Take extra caution if any of your current medications indicate “do not take with grapefruit,” as hemp extract and grapefruit share a similar compound that inhibits an enzyme called cytochrome P450 which effects the metabolism of certain medications.
What are the side effects of hemp extract?
Side effects have rarely been reported. However, it is always recommended to consult your physician prior to taking any hemp product. Always make sure you are using a quality product from a reputable source.